Saira McLaren
B. Toronto, Canada
Lives and works in Brooklyn & The Catskills
2003 Ontario College of Art & Design, Toronto Ontario BFA

Selected Exhibitions
2017 Sargent's Daughters (solo) , New York NY
2016 The Willows, If You Build It, Lord & Taylor New York, NY
2015 Sargent’s Daughters, A Day and the Night, New York, NY (Solo) 
2014 Essex Flowers, EZ Spirit (in collaboration with Lizzie Wright & Janine Polak,) New York, NY
2014 Sargents’ Daughters, Sargent’s Daughters, New York, NY
2014 George Lawson Gallery, Under the Bridge, San Francisco CA
2014 Essex Flowers, Yard Show, New York, NY
2013 Sargent's Daughters Saira McLaren & Christopher Astley, New York, NY
2013 Mulherin, a Closing Eyelid, a Tiny Fainting Spell, New York, NY (Solo) 
2013 Virginia Commonwealth University Gallery, Land Ho (curated by Ridley Howard & Holly Coulis,) Richmond, VA
2013 The Willows, Love at the Willows, Brooklyn, NY
2012 New York City, Pig Party (curated by Gina Beavers), New York, NY
2012 Fleisher/Ollman, You, Me, We and She (with the Art book club), Philidelphia, PA
2012 Hypercolour, Small Black Door, Ridgewood, NY
2011 ZieherSmith, Grasping at Relics (curated by Patrick Brennan), New York City
2011 St Cecila's Convent, Art Book Club Presents-The Living Room, New York
2011 Wildlife, Beach on the Moon (curated by Jon Lutz and Jamison Brosseau,) Brooklyn
2008 Acuna Hansen, Summer Guests, Los Angeles, CA
2008 Mississippi State University, New Work New York-The Object Direct, Mississippi
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